Charles E. Rouse

Charley Rouse

Rouse High School is named for Charles E. Rouse. Mr. Rouse was principal of Leander High School for sixteen years, from 1981 to 1997, when he retired. He was loved and respected by his teachers, staff, students and the community. 

When Mr. Rouse came to LHS, the school district was about to lose its accreditation with TEA. He was the catalyst that made LHS what it is today. It would be a tremendous honor for him to have the high school named after him while he is still alive to enjoy the honor. He was instrumental in implementing many programs to enhance the lives of the students. He endeavored to build character in the students and helped them grow to be responsible and productive citizens. 

Mr. Rouse has served on various committees and activities for the school district, including being a panel judge for Senior Project. Through the years, he has remained supportive of the school district.