Senior Portrait, Yearbook, AD Information

Senior Portrait, Yearbook, AD Information
Posted on 10/01/2019
Senior Portrait, Yearbook, AD Information


DEADLINE EXTENSION!  Yearbook ad content is due 01/27/2020.

Want to order an ad?  GREAT!

STEP 1 - go to​, click on “yearbook” search Rouse High School, and create an account for your student. 

STEP 2 - Select which ad you would like to purchase for your senior. Your yearbook is NOT included in the ad price. Make your purchase.  You should then receive an email from Balfour. Follow the steps as outlined.

Already ordered the ad?  Here are your next steps!

Follow these easy steps to finish your ad and submit to the yearbook staff.

STEP 1 – Login to your account

Login to My Account on with your username and password

STEP 2 – Locate your Ad

Click on “My Orders” to find your ad then click “View Order”

STEP 3 – Upload your Images

Click “Edit Now” to go to the Ad Status Page, then “Start Creating” to upload your images in the Ad Editor. Drag and drop your images into the gray placeholders on the left, in the order you would like the staff to use them. The placeholders may not be proportional to your image choice. Don’t worry, the staff will receive the full-size images and design your ad accordingly.

Click “Save” if you need to finish later. When you come back, all of your changes will be waiting for you.

Click “Next” to return to the Ads Status Page.

STEP 4 – Compose your message

After you have saved your images, return to the Ad Status Page to write your personal message in the space provided. Click “Save” to save your text.

STEP 5 – Submit when ready

If you are happy with your images and message, click “Submit My Ad” to send your ad to the yearbook staff. It’s that easy.

Thank you for supporting your school’s yearbook program and ordering your yearbook ad through Balfour!

If you have any questions about your order, call 1-800-BALFOUR or email us at


Click here for the Ad Help Center

For further information, you may contact:  Trina Moore, RHS Yearbook Advisor via email: